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Computer Services & Solutions

Our technicians specialize in Network Analysis, Design, Support and Installation of computer networks including technology based on Microsoft, Novell, and Linux platforms. Our services include: configuring and troubleshooting network servers, installing POP3/SMTP/Exchange/Novell mail servers, configuring proxy servers for firewall protection, cabling your LAN/WAN, and configuring high speed access to the Internet. Our experienced hardware technicians can also build customized systems and can provide customized solutions for your computers/networks.

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Business Software Support and Upgrades
Secure Computer Networks can obtain and install new software or upgrades. Secure Computer Networks supports many software packages and operating systems. If you are on a tight budget, we can recommend several freeware and shareware applications that may help your growing business get started.

If you want powerful software solutions, Secure Computer Networks can install applications from vendors such as Microsoft, Novell, Symantec, McAfee, TrendMicro, Corel, Adobe, Act, Intuit, ADP, Best, Dragon, Sun, Encarta, FileMaker, ScanSoft, Thompson Reuters, Crosslink, Drake, and More!

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Desktop Support and Upgrades
Secure Computer Networks does not only support server systems; we also support desktop computers. We offer upgrades and custom builds on all computer types. Upgrades include memory, processors, hard drives, video cards, network cards, cases, and more. If your computer is more than 3 years old, you may consider upgrading to a new system. Believe me, your time is well worth the money....visit our computer sales section for more information on how your time is really spent while on your computer!
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Network Administration Services
Need a part-time network administrator? You can purchase a block of hours, usually a fixed number of hours per month for a Network Engineer to go on site or connect remotely and perform routine network maintenance. This service includes:

  • Purging the server to free up unused space
  • Installing the latest software patches on all systems
  • Updating the virus patches on all systems
  • Backup verification and scheduling
  • Review of your complete environment to keep your network up to date and running at peak performance
  • Creation of user accounts, group structuring, and access levels
  • Installation of new software applications
Part of our network administration services includes reviewing your existing Network Environment and make recommendations as to equipment, operating systems and software to assist you in keeping your network running smoothly. Our initial site evaluation and review will give you a good idea of the state of your business (technology-wise) and provide a clear path for required maintenance, growth, and upgrades.
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Remote Technical Support and Server Administration
One key goal for every business we support is to provide quick, reliable support. The best way to do this is to create a network configuration which allows us to remotely connect to your servers and desktops so we may assist any member of your staff within minutes!!!

  • No more waiting 2 hours for a tech to drive to your location.
  • No more paying $150+ for a technician to drive out and spend 10 minutes fixing a small issue

We know that every minute you are not working is a minute that you are not making money. Because of this, we are dedicated to providing the quickest response times possible. This is a new concept in the small business arena as most small businesses outsource computer consulting issues to various technicians. By partnering with us, you can be assured that you will receive quality services provided by knowledgeable technicians in the most efficient manner possible.

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Cabling - Data Network, Phone, Multimedia Solutions
Secure Computer Networks will assist you with an analysis of your cabling requirements. We offer services from installing a patch cable to rewiring your entire location. Cabling jobs include running cable, installation of wall plates, labeling of wall jacks and closet components to allow for easy troubleshooting and configuration changes. We also offer cable tracing services if you do not currently have phone and data lines labeled property.

The only way you can run cable in a more organized fashion is to do it yourself. Our technicians plan on visiting your location again and would like to make it easy for both them and your technicians to trace lines from the closet to end-point. We install the following cable types:

          • Ethernet
          • Satellite
          • Cable-TV
          • Phone
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Server Monitoring Services
Secure Computer Networks can install software that will monitor your servers. Our software will continuously monitor your Internet and intranet system status 24 hours a day, ensuring that your network is functioning properly. We can monitor Web Servers, CGI's, FTP, POP3, SMTP, Scripts, Routers, Bridges, Disk Drive Space, NT System Services, NT Event Logs, DNS, RADIUS, COM Servers, and with our Add-In monitoring and alerting SDK, virtually anything else on your network can be monitored such as file sizes and even accurate system time.

In the event of failure, our software will notify us via any or all of several different methods that are available. A Secure Computer Networks technician will then contact your engineers to relay the alert information and determine a plan of action.

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Anti-virus Software Solutions & Recommendations
Secure Computer Networks strongly recommends a good AntiVirus Strategy company wide. With the Internet and E-Mail today, it would not be a good idea to surf the web without virus and spyware protection. A trained computer technician will evaluate your environment and make recommendations of reliable anti-virus Software. Secure Computer Networks is a member of Symantec Solution Delivery Program as a Symantec Software Partner as well as a Panda Enterprise Partner. We also work closely with Kaspersky, McAfee, Trend Micro, Microsoft Security Solutions, and other anti-virus software companies.
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Employee Monitoring Solutions
Have you ever wondered what your employees are doing at there desk? Secure Computer Networks can install software that will let the administrator know exactly what employees are doing. This software can be installed on a single machine or across a network of PC's. Software can be installed invisible (stealth) and not known to anyone other than the password holder or installed with the end users knowledge.

The program is activated immediately when the computer is switched on and records everything – including every window opened and every key pressed. It will also provide Administrators with valuable information about the software being used on their network. At any time the Administrator can view or call up a printout of all recent activity and applications in use on any given machine, or calculate software usage across the entire network. We can install the software remotely, completely unnoticeable to the user and settings on any machine can be updated in real-time using the cunning Network Tools.

We also have the ability to lock computers down to prevent access to certain websites without requiring you to purchase or manage expensive client management software. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Data Backup and Recovery Services
Is your company prepared for a major computer disaster? Flood, fire, and theft all could steal away all of your precious business information. If you do not perform at least weekly backups or your data and store that data off-site, your entire business is at risk! Let one of our backup specialists assist you in evaluating or creating a backup and disaster recovery plan.

***Warning: Be aware that it is not a good idea to store your backup tapes in fire-proof vaults. Even though your tapes may not be actually torched by a fire, your tapes will most likely melt to the point that they will be unusable.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the protection of your data. Let us assist you in creating and storing your backups. We will assess your environment and determine what the best backup system will be for your business and your budget. We store media off-site for clients to ensure data recovery in case of a fire or burglary. Remote backup solutions are also offered to clients with Internet access.

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Remote Access / VPN Solutions
Secure Computer Networks has teamed up with several vendors to offer you the best solution for your environment. We work with network appliances that provide Internet Sharing, FireWall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities in one single device. These devices may also allow a remote user who is working at home or on the road to securely connect to the corporate LAN over the Internet. Branch offices may also securely connect to their headquarters LAN using thea LAN-to-LAN setup. Some of the features of various products are:

  • Launch an application that accesses and updates the corporate internal database
  • Access files and other resources from within the internal corporate office network
  • Operate Windows Network Neighborhood and perform drag-n-drop functions for manipulating files and folders
  • Send documents to the network printer in the office for printing
  • Plug-and-play Internet sharing solution for your business. LAN users can connect to the same shared Internet connection versus using individual dial-ups. The internal PC's accessing the Internet need no configuration for sharing the connection.
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Wireless Network Security and Expansion
Security has been an issue with the quick growth of wireless networks. We do have technology that will allow you to keep a secured network environment. We can set up two wireless networks in your office - one for employees and one for the public. We can lock down the public wireless network so nobody can access your private business data. We also have many ways to expand wireless signals so you may use wireless throughout your entire business no matter how large it is.

We offer Wireless Site Surveys by Wireless Networking Engineers - installation, maintenance and staff training. Schedule an appointment for an engineer to visit your home or business and help determine the best strategy to deploy wireless within your environment.

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Security Evaluations - On and Off Site Security Review Services
Information coming soon